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Whether you know it or not, your taxpayer dollars are funding “wokeness” run amok at American Express — and you have the power to turn the tide of this madness at their upcoming shareholder meeting.

There’s nothing American about viewing employees primarily by their race — but Un-American Express is doing exactly that.

Last August, Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo detailed the full embrace of woke doctrine at Un-American Express. Their “anti-racism” program actually perpetuates racism and inequality among their customers and employees. Among their policies:

  • AmEx is tying executive bonuses to racial “equity,” managers are financially incentivized to hire minorities, even if they are less qualified.
  • AmEx instituted critical race theory training, teaching staff that “capitalism is racist” and asking workers to rank themselves on a hierarchy of “privilege.”
  • AmEx gave preferential contracts to suppliers just because the heads of those companies happen to be black.

All of these practices are possibly unconstitutional and illegal.

Even worse—your taxpayer dollars are funding this nonsense via mutual funds, index funds, and even direct investments made by state pension boards, who may not even be aware they’re directing taxpayer revenue to underwrite Un-American wokeness run wild.

But this isn’t a lost cause—far from it! In mere weeks, Un-American Express will convene a major investors meeting that could put an end to these racially divisive and damaging policies.

The time to contact your state pension board to demand they divest from Un-American Express! These kinds of policies will not only inspire more racial resentment, they put at risk taxpayers’ financial futures. They destroy the merit-based foundation of any successful company and replace it with racial division.

Send a message to your state pension board: their responsibility to taxpayers like you requires they divest from Un-American Express unless they reverse racially divisive policies!

Whistleblower Update:
We’re updating our campaign to bring you the real human cost of Un-American Express’ woke polices. Nick Williams was just one such individual sacrificed at the altar of wokeness at his company, but he is also one of the few to bravely speak out and tell his story. We are presenting his story in full along with the policies that drove his unfair termination, so that you can support his lawsuit against American Express. His lawsuit will set a precedent that companies cannot fire and ruthlessly interrogate their employees with KGB-like tactics merely to conform with the political currents of the time.

Tell State Pension Boards: Divest from UN-American Express Until They Reverse Woke Policies!

While many companies are inflicting divisive, political ideologies on their workforce, many employees do not feel like they can speak out. Courageous whistleblowers face corporate retaliation and, often negative, public scrutiny. We are grateful that Nick Williams has faced that risk and decided that American Express’s policies should not remain in the dark any longer.

Source 1: AMEX tying 15 percent of executive bonuses to a “colleague” metric of “diversity,” which in this case incentivizes managers to fire white employees and hire employees of color and women

Annual Incentive Award Matrix

Source 2: Further evidence of AMEX’s “colleague” metric for performance bonuses tying “talent retention and diversity” to increasing “minority and women representation at management levels.”

2019 Annual Incentive Awards

Source 3: Highlights of American Express ESG (environmental, social, and governance report) efforts to fund Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ESG Report, Page 1

Source 4: AmEx dividing their employees into intersectional categories.

Building Allyship Document, Page 33

Source 5: AmEx’s commitment to “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Environmental, Social, Governance Report, Page 10

Source 6: AmEx has been asking employees to respond to “microaggressions” and to support “Black Lives Matter.”

Building Allyship Document, Page 38

Source 7: AmEx describes their strategies to promote DEI throughout their company.

Environmental, Social, Governance Report, Page 11

Source 8: AmEx lays out what they’re doing to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their ESG 2020-2021 report.

Environmental, Social, Governance Report, Page 11

Source 9: AmEx detailing their opinion of Asian-Americans as oppressed and their donations to left-wing organizations who share the same belief system.

Environmental, Social, Governance Report, Page 50

Source 10: This screenshot lays out the woke lexicon that AmEx expects its employees to follow. For example, their definitions lay the foundations for dividing people by race such as regarding fellow employees as members of “marginalized groups” and deeming some as “privileged.”

Building Allyship Document, Page 5

Source 11: This screenshot from American Express’s Environmental, Social, and Governance report shows that they prioritize identity over merit, and assumes any attempt to do that is racist. Employees should not be pressured into boilerplate answers for these complex issues.

Building Allyship Document, Page 8

Source 12: This assumes that the Asian woman is inherently oppressed and that is the reason why her idea was shot down. All alternative possibilities (her ideas were poor, she has low seniority in the company, her teammates were tired, she wasn’t as articulate as someone else) are excluded in favor of victimhood.

Building Allyship Document, Page 9

Source 13: This creates a workplace where healthy criticism of someone else’s behavior—which is the key to personal and social growth—is discouraged in favor of political correctness.

Building Allyship Document, Page 9

Source 14: This screenshot wrongly assumes that everyone in American Express accepts the arguments of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This presumption creates a culture in which dissenting employees can be castigated as enemies of progress, and then immediately ridiculed. It also assumes that “allyship,” which treats people of “underrepresented groups” as victims, is accepted among Amex employees as well. All of these assertions are false and simply divide the workplace.

Building Allyship Document, Page 10

Source 15: Session where American Express employees were talked to by the great-grandson of the founder of the Nation of Islam, an anti-semetic group. Khali Muhammad lectured Amex employees about the supposed “systemic evils” of capitalism.

Conversation About Race in America Advertisement

Source 16: AmEx providing woke children’s resources to employees.

ECG Anti-Racism Initiative, Appendix

Source 17: American Express relies on Ibram X. Kendi’s definition of racism, rather than a traditional understanding of it. Kendi believes if someone is not “anti-racist” (i.e accepts a wide range of political beliefs that Kendi and his friends hold) they are racist. For Kendi, there’s no such thing as simply abstaining from racism. This is a false dichotomy which promotes political activism, not workplace cohesion or productivity. It has no place in AmEx’s offices for this reason.

ECG Anti-Racism Initiative, Appendix

Source 18

Building Allyship Document, Page 33

Source 19: This is a strawman argument, which ignores the importance of credit to business transactions. It also falsely assumes, in perfect woke fashion, that any business person who prioritizes credit when dealing with other businesses is racist.

Building Allyship Document, Page 40

Source 20: This document suggests that proof of racism lies in disparities, a myth long-debunked by thinkers like Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell. It is also forcing a narrow idea of racism upon American Express employees.

Building Allyship Document, Page 32

Source 21: More AmEx resources dedicated to promoting woke mentalities.

ECG Anti-Racism Initiative, Appendix

Source 22: Shows American Express has been limiting prestigious mentorship programs solely to members of a certain race, disqualifying participation to anybody who has a different racial makeup.

CEN Communication, Email

Source 23: Letter to AMEX Sales Managers asking them to add points to AMEX credit cards for shopping with ESG-certified “B Corporations,” the beginnings of a social credit system.

Corporate Affairs, Email


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