What Is Critical Race Theory, Really?

As the debate over the teaching of various critical theories in U.S. public schools has heated up, major papers have published wave after wave of articles denying that critical race theory is taught much at all outside law schools, while other writers have drawn the most technical of distinctions between “CRT” and

Salvation Army Imposes Racial Wokeness Within Church’s Ranks

Despite being apolitical historically, The Salvation Army has begun to promote political and racial ideologies under

How does someone act Black?

The first time I asked myself that question, I had just been told that I was “acting white” because I read comic books and listened to Jazz rather than playing football and listening to rap like the rest of my Black peers.
The idea of “acting white” has plenty of…

California’s ‘Ethnic Studies’ Gold Rush

High-school students in California could soon be required to take at least one semester of something called “ethnic studies” to graduate. The California Senate Education Committee holds hearings this week on Assembly Bill 101, which passed the lower house 58-9 in May. If A.B. 101 becomes law, it will…

Why Juneteenth? Why Now?

Why did Juneteenth become the 11th federal holiday  — the first new holiday in almost four decades?  And why now? Federal holidays commemorate highly significant events in America’s history, a major religious holiday, and the start of the New Year.  Juneteenth could be considered…

Critical Race Theory is Not the New “Civil Rights Movement.” Quite the Opposite.

Critical Race Theory is quite prominent in contemporary American political discourse. Several state legislatures have advanced measures to ban

Behavior, not Racism, Explains Differences in Medical Outcomes Between White and Black Americans

The American Medical Association came out with a statement on May 11th acknowledging that “racism is a public health threat.” A recent Boston Review article entitled “An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine,” concurred, making the case that racial health outcome discrepancies are evidence of..

Fixating on Race Will Not Solve America’s Deep Problems

In Atlanta, a man shot 8 people in massage parlors.  6 of the victims were Asian American, 1 was Hispanic, and 1 was a White American.  The motive still remains unclear; one source reported a sex addiction, while the racial hate crime motive remains unresolved.  From there, a hashtag erupted: Stop Asian Hate, complete with its own Twitter-sponsored lotus flower.  

Race Is a Choice

Kamala Harris had a choice, being the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants.  On the campaign trail in the 2020 election cycle, she often presented herself as Black – emphasizing her studies at the Historically Black Howard University and saying to Joe Biden in the Democratic Primary debates…

America Is a Community of Individuals, not Races

Our media leaders and politicians have advanced a narrative where Americans are encouraged to see themselves through the lens of race.  Or more specifically, that to be White is to be privileged (and therefore evil), and to be “of color” is to be oppressed…